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Halls of Watershot


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Halls of Watershot
Halls of Watershot

Darkness has fallen over Castle Watershot, a seat of ancient magic. You will need to fight your way through the twisted creatures within to unlock the power and secrets of the castle. Master elemental magics as you explore the mysteries of the castle in this innovative deck-building ARPG.

Fast paced tactical combat: Quick decision-making is key as you adapt your strategy on the fly, responding to enemy movements and the spells currently at your disposal. By combining the strategic depth of deckbuilding card games with the adrenaline-pumping action of ARPGs, no encounter is ever quite the same.

Build your character: Choose the perfect combination of spells, talents and items to achieve ultimate power and rain destruction down on your foes. And you can always adjust your character when you find that amazing new spell or item that opens up new possibilities.

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Discover ancient secrets: Unlock new spell types, crafting recipes, character talents and more as you explore the spires, keeps and dungeons of Castle Watershot. But beware, who knows what dark creatures may lie in wait.

Forge powerful items: Use the Alchemist’s Forge to manipulate the wondrous items you find in your journey. As you discover new recipes, you unlock new methods to create the perfect item for your build.

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