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Gold Hunter


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Gold Hunter
Gold Hunter

Have you always dreamed of going on a gold hunt yourself? And to bring the valuable metal to light with small or large equipment and hard work? Then you now have the chance to show what you’re made of and experience the different ways of finding and digging for gold with Gold Hunter.

However, all beginnings are difficult. You start your adventure with some money and a metal detector. And when you have found your first gold, you expand your equipment with a small mobile unit. Over time, with more experience and with more gold, your mining operation grows and grows until, in time, you are mining the gold with the heaviest machinery and the biggest plant.

And because the work in a mine never stops and there is always so much to do, you can now experience this adventure together with your friends. Manage your mining operation, hire and pay people to work for you, or assign free jobs that other players can take on and do for you.

Key Fetures:

  • Gold prospecting with handheld, mobile and stationary equipment.
  • Single and multiplayer mode
  • Detailed 14 km² map
  • 6 beginner claims and 5 claims for big machines
  • Free placement of equipment and facilities
  • Extensive simulation of all operations
  • Day and night rhythm
  • Different camera perspectives
  • Controller and joystick support
  • Integrated chat and voice
  • Steam Cloud
  • Search for gold on land, in water and under the ice
  • Detailed 81 km² map
  • Different seasons
  • Varied weather
  • Over 60 claims
  • Over 50 different vehicles on the ground, in the water and in the air
  • Over 250 different items
  • Facilities have to be assembled by the player himself
  • Detailed resource system for fuel, water and electricity
  • Waste water and overburden management

Gold Hunter

Gold Hunter


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