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Tsugunohi -A Whisper from the Past-


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Tsugunohi -A Whisper from the Past-
Tsugunohi -A Whisper from the Past-


“Tsugunohi” has a cult following on the Internet, with over 100 million related video views.

It is a new style of Japanese horror in which the horrifying story progresses as the protagonist moves to the left.

“Tsugunohi -A Whisper from the Past-,” one of the most popular games in the series, is now finally available on Steam.

The horror experience is further accelerated with a new route that can only be unlocked by clearing the game once.


1)The popular “Tsugunohi -A Whisper from the Past-” is finally playable on Steam.

2)A loop of fear that you can’t escape from, experienced in a realistic recreation of Japan’s old-fashioned countryside.

(3) A “second loop from a new perspective” that was only available in the Nintendo Switch version of “Tsugunohi”.


Tsugunohi -A Whisper from the Past- Torrent Download

A young girl from a single-mother household is suddenly forced to return home to her grandmother’s desolate countryside due to her mother’s work.

She is accustomed to the city and feels somewhat uncomfortable there.

A strange grandmother, a grandfather who is supposed to be dead, a female student whom she doesn’t know…

Numerous fears creep up on the girl.

Tsugunohi -A Whisper from the Past- PC Crack