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Imprisoned Hyperion 2


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Imprisoned Hyperion 2
Imprisoned Hyperion 2

Imprisoned hyperion 2 is a dark fantasy first-person rpg with immersive sim. elements.


The story tells of a rat-man scout exploring the dark dungeons of a harsh world that has seen its own end.

These lands were once ruled by powerful mages, but they were destroyed by an older and more powerful force.

Mages didn’t worry much about what would happen to their artificially created homunculus and various creature-servants.

Abandoned, these creatures took their fate into their own hands and try to survive in the world left to them.

Play It Your Way

In the game there are different ways to achieve the goals. If you have a locked door in front of you, there are usually several ways to solve it.

For example, you can pick a lock or ask a guard for a key or find a way around.

You can read the notes and immerse yourself in the history of the world to explore locations and find the best way or just slash and burn everything in your way.

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The game will lead you to a single ending, play as you like.

Imprisoned Hyperion 2 PC Crack