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Sonar Shock


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Sonar Shock
Sonar Shock

A Soviet dream turned nightmare: Explore the now empty halls of a Soviet super submarine and discover what caused its supernatural downfall.

Sonar Shock is full of secrets: Book shelves slide to the side and vents harbor strange treasures.

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Key Fetures:

  • Spongy psi-soldier, agile special weapon expert or hacking-savvy gunslinger? Build your own character in this first person dungeon-crawler inspired by immersive RPGs from the 90s.
  • Immerse yourself in the dark corners of the S1-Utopia – a Soviet super weapon. And scour its four floors for powerful weapons like flamethrowers, harpune guns and automatic pistols.
  • Reveal what caused the supernatural infestation onboard the S1-Utopia.
  • Argue, gossip and barter with a cast of alcoholic sailors to learn more about their subnautic secrets. Embark on treacherous side-quests: Solve criminal cases together with Detective Sherlock Holmes, discover hidden treasures, or fight through the crypt of a haunted cathedral.
  • Step into the survival horror: Manage your ever dwindling ammo supply and your sanity, as you try to keep eldritch horrors at bay.

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