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Umbra Fields


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Umbra Fields
Umbra Fields

No matter what you choose, and what you do, you will have an impact upon the world. Do you wish to be a criminal, or a savior? That is up to you.

Choose between 15 distinct classes:

Warrior: A well balanced with a focus on strength. Made to do any quests.

Doctor: Healers that can heal the sickness across each nation, yet are weak on their own.

Thief: Shopkeepers never sell to them, with their moves constantly under watch. Going to The Prison, is the least of the thief’s worries.

Hunter: They live for the hunt and the slaughter. They can be found to get good pay from hunting rare beasts.

Rune Master: The old and intelligent beings that can read cosmic words.

Summoner: They can summon creatures to protect themselves. Hated by most, they are targeted for creating abominations upon the world.

Ice Spearmen: Fishermen who fish whenever they can find any remaining, clean water.

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Investigator: A detective that can use guns, talk to enemies when able, and can take on cases for others. If you are cunning enough, some will join you by speech alone.

Priest: The Gods need priests to spread their holy words, teaching them holy magic.

Brute: A Warrior that has no honor, fierce in the wild, yet cannot live among civilization.

Storm Evoker: The Forbidden one was one of these, a being that can control the storms. The outcasts worship Evokers, others fear them.

Fowler: Flying beasts that can travel to any place they please, but are hunted.

Fire Elemental: Due to the Great War, The Flame has made all Fire Elemental to be worshiped and adored. Yet not all feel the same way.

The Slime: A mistake not meant to live. An experiment to remove all bones so you can no longer be injured and stronger in battle, it comes with a downside. Your body is made out of a liquid mush that is weak to everything. Only those who wish for pain choose the slime

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