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“Adventure Bar Story” is a bar management RPG, in which you aim to become the top restaurant in the kingdom.

The story progresses as your Bar’s rank goes up.

Your Bar’s rank will go up based on your performance at the Royal cooking contests and your accumulated sales.

Discover new cities and dungeons where you can find more materials and recipes!

★Level Up by Eating!

In this game, characters do not level up by fighting monsters. EXP is gained by eating! Various effects, such as gaining resistance to ailments and temporally raising stats, can also be found in dishes. Materials are acquired by collecting in dungeons, from monsters in battle, and through other methods.

★Get materials in Battle!

Battling monsters offers a chance to acquire materials. Enjoy exciting battles, dealing massive damage, and aiming for an Overkill that grants extra materials, all while monsters on their last limb go Berserk.

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★Loaded With Challenge

More than 400 different recipes in total. Lead your party members to over 10 dungeons, loaded with materials and monsters that match the areas.

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