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Dragon Ruins


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Dragon Ruins
Dragon Ruins

Ancient ruins were discovered near Faselei, the Capital of Isigwere. The Queen calls for brave adventurers to assist in slaying an ancient dragon.

Assemble a party of four heroes, delve into the dungeon, decide when to fight or run away, and grow stronger to survive the run to the dragon’s lair in this micro dungeon crawler.


This is an enhanced version of a Dungeon Crawler Jam 2024 entry with bug fixes, new features, and QoL improvements.

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Key Fetures:

  • Assemble a party of 4 heroes from 8 available classes
  • Explore the ancient ruins
  • Fight through automatic battles where you decide whether to fight or run away
  • Grow stronger via level-ups and equipment enhancement
  • Purchase medicine to revive fallen party members
  • Use teleporter scrolls for a quick trip to town and back
  • Challenge your party with an NG+ mode, where monsters attack in higher groups and the final boss gets stronger

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