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Nothing DOG


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Nothing DOG
Nothing DOG

“Nothing DOG” is a casual decompression of the relaxed game, players need to see the dog before making a wish.The wish can be a gift you desperately want in life,Or a goal you need to pursue for a long time before you can achieve it.. Players need to complete every guidance of the dog.Feel the mixed reality fun of Nothing DOG and think about what it means.But please remember that no matter what, the dog will bless you until your wish comes true.

■ In the randomly dropped gift box, the dog’s guide will be issued, which is full of challenges and meaningful.

■ The random appearance of different puppies in the gift box along with the guidance is your reward for completing the guidance.

■ If you are a music lover,You will feel our sincerity in every niche and beautiful song brought to you by Nothing DOG.

■ The scene design of Nothing DOG is full of aesthetic elements, and every opening is an aesthetic accumulation.

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■ The content of the game is very suitable for friends who want to find a quiet space in their noisy life.During the development process, we have cooperated with many experts in the field of psychology, and through the technical guidance of experts,We believe that Nothing DOG’s beautiful pictures and fascinating songs will make you feel warm and comfortable.[/h2]

To whom have you ever confided your wishes? Is it parents, friends, or statues in temples and churches, or yourself at night?If you can tell your wish to the dog, I believe there will be a different result. How should a piece of tea be stretched?Can the temperature of a beam of sunshine warm you for three minutes? Have you ever sought answers to these riddles of life?Open our “Nothing DOG” and let the dog open up a space of your own for your heart in this noisy world.Every image in Nothing DOG is your partner to get up in the morning and collect vitality.The music in the scene is also a good choice to accompany you to sleep late at night, and every puppy collected represents your respect for life.We believe this is a game that will give you hope in life again.

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