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PMC Promiscuity (v1.1.0.1)


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PMC Promiscuity  (v1.1.0.1)
PMC Promiscuity (v1.1.0.1)

Take on the role of a new recruit (and stress-relief) joining the famous Manticore International Private Military Company as you quickly discover that the intentions of your new monster girl colleagues are anything but professional!

From everyone’s favorite sweet company fox-mom Aio, to the bratty Shizu who puts the ‘aggravated’ in ‘aggravated assault with a deadly weapon’; you’ve got two unique flavors of Kitsune sisters to enjoy!

Or if eccentric intelligence is more your style, feel free to interact with Kyva the boozy but brilliant in-house chemist! Hope you like experimenting!

Finally, few are as cold as Adelaide the ice-wielding close quarters combatant elf! She’s not easily impressed, rarely amused, but has a sizable submissive streak if you know how to find it…

Featuring over eighteen interactive, uncensored, multi-artwork sex scenes!

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All of which are fully voiced by a Legendary roster of NSFW Voice actors such as OpaluVA, MidnightDatura, Chloe Angel, and @Shennychwan!

Dialogues full of dark comedy, saucy sluttiness, and fascinating insights into the fractured world PMC Promiscuity takes place in: all of which are fully voice, including additional guest voices from CinderDryad, Daltos, and Gianni Matragrano!

Do you have what it takes to satisfy these insatiable mercenaries?

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