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The Game Awards


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The Game Awards
The Game Awards

THE GAME AWARDS is a mockumentary-style genre swapper that cycles between third-person speed-platforming collectathon, third-person hack-n-slash action title, and third-person exploration/adventure game. Expect platforming, collectibles, enemies to be slashed and defeated, vast maps to be explored, and the occasional linear hallway for narrative purposes. With these ingredients, a lone developer—who started learning Unreal Engine four weeks ago—will (try to) deliver you a game fit to win the “best indie game” award at Jeff Keeley’s The Game Awards. Not to be confused with that other popular game awards show hosted by a guy whose name starts with a G.

Key features:

– Three distinct game genres and experiences (Platform! Fight! Walk!)

– A smorgasbord of jokes—written jokes, narrated jokes, visual jokes, and even a few good jokes

– A gripping narrative, depending on your familiarity with game development and Norm Macdonald

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– Cinematic presentation and minimal HUD elements offer a premium aesthetic to distract from game mechanic simplicity

– Can be beaten in under two hours, for those of you who don’t like games that overstay their welcome


– Again, there’s platforming, fighting (with weapons), and walking (with feet). There are only so many ways to rephrase this information. Press buttons, do things.

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