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Glitch Daddy


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Glitch Daddy
Glitch Daddy

What’s that sound coming from the basement….?

Glitch Daddy

is the new fever dream of a game by Sad Mask Party, the twisted brains behind Mango and The Lotus Holidays. It is a surreal, elusive, highly immersive and just slightly distorted tale of mystery, friendship, romance, solitude, trying and failing, overcoming obstacles, and all around, love.

It is presented as a first person adventure, featuring atmospheric exploration, puzzles, some fun action sequences and fights, interactive dialogue, deconstructed psychology, dreamy psychedelia, a big variety of off-beat characters, terminally weird vibes and an equal mixture of horror(ish) and humorous elements. The graphics are PS1-inspired, but with a healthy dose of surrealism and liminality.

The story starts through a dream where you meet Glitch Daddy, a strange creature informing you about the world’s end coming really, really soon. You go on to wake up, and embark on a wild journey where the truth will be revealed, through a series of weird, unexpected twists and turns.

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Drenched in a thick vibe of nostalgia, Glitch Daddy seamlessly jumps from the memories of an idealized childhood, to a complicated adulthood, and the cosmic, deconstructed dreamscapes of a timeless oblivion.

Also, you get to kill monsters and pet doggos. 😉

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