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Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up


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Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up
Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up

Make kiwis, bag’em up, get’em xrayed and delivered in exchange for Koins

Each upgradeable station is responsible for a different part of your kiwi delivery line – increase your Koin income rapidly by removing your bottlenecks with strategic acquisitions. Widen your options as you progress: professions offer unlockable mechanics to specialize your means of progression and transcending prestiges your progress to unlock even more features as well as permanent upgrades & bonuses.

The game features 3 professions, each with their own skiwitree:

Archery fires up your clicker/auto-clicker gameplay – shower your click-targets with arrows.

Alchemy empowers semi-active play – strengthen your station with a selection of potions.

Carpentry improves your idle experience – automate gameplay & gain growing bonuses.

Prestige to unlock features, bonuses & tons of sweet multipliers

Strategize your progression, grow your Koins higher, sacrifice more and more and more kings.

Transcend further beyond – the demonikiwi cycle never ends.

Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up

Kiwi Clicker – Juiced Up


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