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Random Legion


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Random Legion
Random Legion

The ethereal continent is tainted by the tainted source of the mad warlock’s experiments, and you, as a member of the Undead Legion, follow the Skeleton King on his crusade against the human kingdoms that provide shelter to the evil warlock. Unfortunately: the undead were defeated and the Skeleton King died in battle. You returned to your home territory as the inheritor of the Skeleton King’s will and became a new lord, starting from scratch, building an army and fighting the tainted source again.

How to play: Click through the mouse to enter the various facilities in the game, use the resources in the game to obtain the corresponding effect of the facilities, then fight to get more resources to reach the cycle.

Game Introduction

Neutral Facility Introduction

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Key Fetures:

  • Prison: Used to count the captured prisoners in battle. You can collect ransom and release them, or make antidote for them and incorporate them into the army.
  • Barracks: Used to view the detailed attributes, talents, and skills of the characters in the army, or to execute banishment operations to maintain the balance of the army’s income and expenditure.
  • Laboratory: Smelt the captured prisoners or useless members of the army, extract the blessing energy in their bodies, provide it to other characters to learn talents and skills.
  • Monster Store: You can directly purchase the fighters you want, after purchase they will directly join the army to fight, when opened each round has a chance to get gems.
  • Blacksmith Shop: Used to strengthen the obtained items, and can also upgrade items.
  • Captive Store: You can directly purchase the prisoners you want, after purchase they will appear in the prison, when opened each round will provide a certain amount of gold coins.

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