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Jungles of Maxtheria


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Jungles of Maxtheria
Jungles of Maxtheria

Search for the lost treasure of the infamous “Jaxton Max”. Your quest for fortune and glory will not be easy however. This adventure is full of baddies aimed at stopping you dead in your tracks. Use knives to dig through walls, bullets to battle the baddies, grappling hooks to jump over long distances, oxygen tanks to breath under water and torches to see what lurks underground. Collect keys to get past locked doors and to open treasure chests. Avoid the quicksand, tar pits, spikes, fire pits, thumpers and other traps along the way. Few ever return from their expeditions into the deep jungles. So, if you are brave enough, the “Jungles of Maxtheria” awaits!

Note: The game always starts off in black so it can do a nice fade up from black into the main menu. However, the very first time playing the game, it may stay on black for a while before the main menu pops up. Don’t panic! This is the game engine figuring out how your system is set up (screen resolution, graphics card, etc.). The next time you run the game, the time in black should be real fast.

Key Fetures:

  • Explore the jungles, water, underground and above looking for treasure and keys.
  • Collect the treasures to gain gold coins. use the market to buy and sell inventory items that you will need such as torches, bullets, knives, bullets, grappling hooks and oxygen tanks.
  • Find keys to open doors and treasure chests.
  • Use the signs for relevant information.
  • Use the torches underground to see.
  • Use the oxygen tanks for breath under the water.
  • Use the grappling hooks to jump over far to reach places.
  • Climb up and down the vines.
  • Avoid the traps, tar pits, sand traps and other obstacles along the way.
  • Avoid the baddies or use the bullets/knives to thwart them off.
  • Find the lost treasure.
  • Multiple Language Support: English, Espanola, Francais or Deutsche.
  • Start a new game or load the previous saved game.

Jungles of Maxtheria

Jungles of Maxtheria


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