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Taora : Survival


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Taora : Survival
Taora : Survival

Taora is an island that is infested with zombies and hold many places to explore and loot.

You will be playing 4 characters that have various skills. You can build your base, craft and upgrade your gear, explore many unique places, loot materials or gears. You can modify and upgrade you vehicle to suit your needs.

Upgrade you characters` skills to fit different conditions like hacking electronics, reapiring broken things, healing the wounded or fighting with zombies.


Loot materials needed for crafting, base building etc.

Playable Characters:

Play up to 4 characters that you can build their skills.


There are many vehicles for you to use on Taora.


You can craft and upgrade your gears, vehicles, weapons, armors that make you a real survivor.

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Open World:

You can hop on your vehicle and explore unique places on Taora.


Shoot and kill as many zombies as you can to survive.

Base Building:

It is important to build your base to survive on Taora. You can store your loot and weapons on your base, build various tools or tables that help you to improve your weapons, vehicles and survivors.


Skill up your characters on different aspects, they can be a soldier to kill hordes of zombies, or a mechanic that can craft tools, disarm traps, unlock safes. Each character should be useful on different situations.

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