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Trackline Express (v1.0.6)


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Trackline Express  (v1.0.6)
Trackline Express (v1.0.6)

Get your tickets to ride the Trackline Express today! Small disclaimer: there might be some missing rails sections. And occasional barbarian attacks. But don’t worry, our trains are the most reliable out there. Some just require a few upgrades here and there. Other than that, a perfectly fine ride is awaiting for you!

Did we mention wildfires?

Trackline Express is a train builder where you need to reach the stations while keeping your passenger safe from attacks and wildfires. Gather wood, rocks, ores, coal, and then transform them into various resources to create new buildings and equipment using blueprints that you unlock along the way.

The game offers a unique blend of gameplay elements that could appeal to players who enjoy strategy and resource management and to those looking for a more relaxed and cozy gaming experience with occasional exciting twists.

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Key Fetures:

  • high replayability value
  • many items to gather and craft
  • multiple game modes
  • online and local (LAN) multiplayer mode (experimental)
  • mini quests to complete
  • random deterministic map generator

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