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返杀 Back Fire


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返杀 Back Fire
返杀 Back Fire

《Back Fire》is a full motion video gunfight action adventure game. Game tells the story of warrior Hongyu who was ambushed by drug lord Gongtai while following his brother Hongda on a mission. The damage was severe and his brother was dead or alive. After escaping, he waited for an opportunity to join lone wolf team that General Chaman’s newly formed and return to the border. This time, the target was Gongtuo who was the brother of drug lord Gongtai. In the game, players need to make their own choices, which will affect the progression of the plot. The final endings of the story will be different, and the secret hidden in the world of “Back Fire” will be revealed.

Live action interactive high-definition movie game, viewed from border area of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China.

A large number of interactive gunfight actions, enriching the interactive experience, including some experimental designs.

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No deletion, retaining many actual shots during the shooting process, first released on Steam.

Multiple options for interactive storytelling, choice determines the outcome, no countdown reminder, can’t replay, we hope every choice is a careful decision.

No plot roadmap, No achievement, We hope the players enjoy the interactive process and your own ending.

Please protect the last secret of the “Back Fire” world, so that the new players can have a better gaming experience.

Thanks for the creative inspiration and courage provided by the similar works《Black Mirror:Bandersnatch》and《Late Shift》! Thank you!

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