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Jerking Off In Class Simulator


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Jerking Off In Class Simulator
Jerking Off In Class Simulator

Jerk off in class & don’t get caught!

Jerking Off In Class Simulator is inspired by that one person that would always jerk off in the back of the classroom. Do you have what it takes to be that pervert?


Jerking Off In Class simulator is a perverted game where your objective is to masturbate in the middle of class while not getting caught by your peers or teacher. Your goal is to jerk off while no one is paying any attention to you. No one in this world knows how to play your skin flute like you do so how about you take this time to give yourself a little reward. Besides, if no one spots you, is there really any harm?


While you are choking the chicken, students will toggle between performing actions where they can spot you and actions where you are free to handle your business. The Selfie Queen will take selfies and might notice you while looking at her camera. The Gossip will talk to people around her and might spot you when she’s not paying attention to class. It is your job to find the right windows of time to spank that monkey. Oh and be careful. Find the sweet spot on your pleasure meter so when you orgasm, its not too loud and everyone catches you.

Jerking Off In Class Simulator Torrent Download

Key Fetures:

  • 31 levels
  • 3 objectives for each level
  • 5 playable characters
  • 6 students
  • 1 teacher

Jerking Off In Class Simulator PC Crack