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Seduction of Beauty


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Seduction of Beauty
Seduction of Beauty

“Seduction of Beauty” is a brand new first-person immersive interactive video game, where you will embark on a unique and extraordinary love journey with six distinctive female protagonists.

In this virtual world, you will experience a series of emotional ups and downs, from getting to know each other, falling in love, to arguments and making choices. All of these will be presented in a first-person perspective, allowing you to deeply immerse yourself in a genuine interactive experience.

Is she sharp, mature, and steady?

Or is she sexy, plump, and seductive with a fiery allure?

Or is she petite, lively, and lovely?

Of course, it can also be our outgoing social bully

Or it could be a noble, dignified, mature young lady~

Or is it a simple, gentle and peaceful little princess?

Game Features:

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First-person immersive interactive gameplay with live-action filming: Unique first-person perspective allows you to fully immerse yourself in real-life scenes and interact with characters. The game features real actors performing in real environments, delivering genuine emotions of love through a distinctive perspective.

Multiple branches and endings: The game offers over a hundred story branches and supports up to twelve different endings, including hidden storylines and Easter eggs. Each choice made allows for a deep exploration of the charms of love. Some important choices will influence the game’s progression and ultimate outcome, encapsulating the diversity of life within a few crucial decisions.

Unique gameplay and details: Not limited to just making choices, players can discover key storyline clues through interactive scenes. Perhaps an inconspicuous detail will impact your ending.

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