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Marble Odyssey


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Marble Odyssey
Marble Odyssey

Marble Odyssey follows the journey of Odie, a marble lost on a chain of mysterious ocean islands. Thrust into a series of tests of dexterity, speed and quick thinking as he attempts to rescue himself and his kidnapped friends. Each of the Odyssey’s initial 40 levels, offer a blend of treasure hunt, time trial, rescue mission and more. It’s your challenge to navigate each levels goals, and achieve the perfect score.


Marble Skins can be achieved by rescuing your marble comrades, others can be bought. Try to collect them all across your adventures.

Key Fetures:

  • 40 Levels of action
  • Each level needs a combination of speed, marble rescue and point collection to win.
  • Some levels are guarded by Baddies, marbles warped to evil that will try and thwart your progress!
  • Special powers allow your marble to Jump, Brake and Turbo speed.
  • Pit yourself against a range of challenges, including perilous ledges, chasm spanning jumps and pinball table elements (Plus more!).
  • Unique Marble skins, available from the Steam store, will allow you to expand your Marble collection and express your individuality.
  • Future Level packs, will offer even more tests of dexterity, quick-thinking and speed.

Marble Odyssey

Marble Odyssey


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