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Monster Racing League


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Monster Racing League
Monster Racing League

Multiplayer combat racing, with no driving!

Monster Racing League is a fast-paced multiplayer combat racing game that has been crafted for maximum fun. The monsters drive themselves, freeing up players to time the use of offensive and defensive abilities to disrupt their opponents. Races are short, hectic, sometimes reckless, but always fun!


Select a monster and equip your abilities before each race. Manually control nitro speed and play offensive/defensive abilities while your monster drives.

Get in on the action with standard races contested over short, multi rounds of mayhem with six or more players. The monster with the most points at the end takes home the glory! Rack up Knucklebones as you compete, unlocking new monsters and upgrades along the way.

Experience the thrill of Monster Racing League with friends! Compete in online multiplayer lobbies or host your own games and invite your pals. With practice mode available, train against a variety of in-house monsters and hone your skills. Get ready to unleash your competitive spirit!


Monsters are your drivers.

Each monster comes with its own set of unlockable abilities and upgrades. Collect more monsters to access a wider range of awesome abilities and boosters.

Unleash your inner collector with Monster Racing League’s highly customizable monsters! Drawing inspiration from designer vinyl toys, each monster is a desirable item that you’ll want to add to your collection. While the Early Access release offers randomized looks, for the full release we’re planning for even more extensive customization options. Get ready to create your ultimate monster driving team!

Monsters each have their own history and abilities. Fire, River, Mountain, and Sky, are the foundation tribes of the league, each with unique color palettes and features, but all new tribes are on the horizon. And for the ultimate collectors out there, don’t miss out on our Premium Monsters, featuring exclusive materials that will have your heart racing. Available soon as a DLC pack.

Monster Racing League

Monster Racing League