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Off The Tracks


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Off The Tracks
Off The Tracks

Combine a heap of chaos, some physics-based fun, a dash of fluid movement and some poorly driven trains, and what is the result? Off The Tracks – a chaotic physics-based first person platformer.

Make your way through each level competing with obstacles of varying and increasing difficulty, and if that doesn’t sound difficult enough, you’re on top of a terribly driven train carriage at high speed where the floor is lava, metaphorically.


30 levels, 5 worlds.

Make your way through 30 individual levels on the top of poorly driven high-speed train carriages, what could go wrong, right?

Physics-based fun.

There is no such thing as physics bugs, and physics-based unpredictability only adds to the fun.

Full Controller Support.

Play in a way that suits you. Off The Tracks has full controller support and the ability to switch between mouse/keyboard and controller on the fly.

Global Leaderboards.

Each individual level has a high-score based global leaderboard to top. Remember, it’s not just about being fast, you collect style points throughout the course of each level which contribute to your overall score.

Off The Tracks

Off The Tracks