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Road Rage Royale


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Road Rage Royale
Road Rage Royale

Road Rage Royale is a tactical race car combat game set in a cyber-punk post-apocalyptic world. You’re a cyborg at the wheel of an indestructible vehicle fueled by his own rage. You’re on the grid of a short track, surrounded by walls, the race is about to start. I mean, you know that it’s not a race, but you still want to be in the lead, you can’t help it, it hurts you when you’re not, truly. And since it’s a fight, you should probably try to hurt your opponent’s more than you hurt yourself. Hit them, make them rage, smash them against walls or obstacles, knock them out. There can be only one winner of the Road Rage Royale.

Be the “last Man Racing”

Update 2 new Features:

Car Customization: Customize your vehicle with various parts and colors.

Spectators: A diverse crowd is cheering for you.

Key Fetures:

  • Lots of small playability improvements and minor bugs fixes.
  • Overall fluidity improvement and GPU power consumption reduction.

Road Rage Royale

Road Rage Royale


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