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99 Waves


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99 Waves
99 Waves

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Break through the WAVES of enemies!

99 waves is an action platformer rogue-lite where you get stronger with your choices as you blast through waves.

During over a year of development, we have been focused on combining “hack’n’slash”, “rogue-lite”, and “platformer”!

10+ Bosses!

This is also a very exciting boss raid game!

Unique bosses with a variety of patterns await you!

Unlock new heroes!

Not only do the heroes you unlock have different stats, but they also have unique abilities!

Many ways to get stronger

You don’t just get stronger when you level up – you get rewards at the end of the wave, you can buy cool items in the store, and you can even gain/enhance skills by defeating special enemies!

Automate/Awaken your skills

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Once a skill reaches its maximum level, you can automate or awaken it, which means you can wipe out even more enemies!

Item Gacha and the Slot Machine!

Get some good weapons from the weapon gacha, and start stronger! Legendary weapons have a unique skill available!

There are many npcs in the town, like a bartender, a gravekeeper and a blacksmith!

And maybe playing the slot machine will give you good stuff for cheap, but be careful, it explodes if you’re unlucky!

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