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Yusha Prototype


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Yusha Prototype
Yusha Prototype


Yusha Prototype is a sidescrolling action game.

You are a warrior with the codename “Yusha”. You must explore the dungeon and find your target.

Use your incredible skills to defeat the monsters and bosses that reside in the depths! Get stronger, gain new items, learn new moves, and discover the truth!


Legend has it that long ago, a powerful Witch cast a powerful curse upon this world.

You are the “Yuusha”, a fearless warrior that has accepted the mission to defeat the Witch, which brings you to this dungeon…

As you navigate through each treacherous cavern, the dungeon slowly reveals its structure and secrets.

Ugly truths emerge about the Curse and the Witch you’re supposed to defeat.

Who is your real enemy, and who’s been feeding you lies?

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Defeat the enemies before you, gain power, and discover the truth!

Defeat special enemies and make their abilities yours!

Beautifully illustrated fullscreen CGs

Dramatic defeat animations

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