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Arm Wrestling Reborn


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Arm Wrestling Reborn
Arm Wrestling Reborn

This is a ongoing project please report any bugs you may find to us and we will fix them.

Play using keyboard or pull using your own arm in VR, it’s your choice, one game.

Experience the life as an arm wrestler in the modern day arm wrestling circuit.

Easy simplified controls with common arm wrestling techniques used in real arm wrestling matches fans of the sport should recognize.

– Tap as fast as you can for more power!

– Use Pull, Top Roll, Power Press and Soul Hold

– 6 computer arm wrestlers to pull, 7 locations

– Workout to get stronger

– Instant replays

– Bullet time (Slow motion)

– Arm breaks (Be careful, watch the pressure meter)

– Match timer to challenge your best times

– Overall speedrun timer to challenge your best times

– Optional to play as your own camera man as you wrestle

Single player

Wrestler 6 arm wrestling opponents and compete in a super match against world champion Chuck Mobb.

2 player VS realistic Super Match or fun Toy Match

– 2 player desktop VS beta mode included (Uses 1 PC keyboard, 1 screen. Player 1 R.CTRL, Player 2 L.CTRL. Also SHIFT keys for power presses and extra taunt keys)

2 player VR player VS keyboard player

– One player on keyboard and the other in VR face off.

2 player co-op

– Have a friend play as the physical camera man, walk around on the keyboard and look with mouse, while the other player wrestles the opponent in VR. (Seat players away from each other)

Play as new comer Troy Walker on his adventure to become champion in a super match against Chuck Mobb.

Options console

– Type commands to change some in game options like enabling small visual effects, optional in game modifications like shaving your head, change shirts, some skins.

Arm Wrestling Reborn

Arm Wrestling Reborn


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