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Biomech Hell


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Biomech Hell
Biomech Hell

Biomech Hell confronts you with a series of levels filled with terrorists to kill. The various executions allow you to achieve a higher score.

The game offers a rich story mode with four different endings and alternative forks.

Biomech Hell does not focus on forced longevity but on genuine replayability… in co-op, it becomes almost endless for arcade game lovers!

A world-famous scientist has lost his mind and set up a criminal organization. He has created monsters, mutants and terrible war machines. His name is Oleg Swensonn, and he has taken refuge in a hidden location of Central America.

The only ones able to stop him are special soldiers Rock and Stan, from Team Thunderflash!

Are you ready to hunt down an evil genius?

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Key Fetures:

  • 2 usable characters, each with their own weaponry!
  • Fight this adventure together with a friend in co-op mode!
  • Get ready for gallons of blood and executions of various types, including headshots and various pulverizations!
  • Face a complex Story Mode; different paths and endings await you!
  • 11 heavily armed bosses to find and annihilate!
  • Lots of extra modes: Co-op, Super Arcade Mode, Boss Rush and Art Gallery!
  • 6 endings to unlock!
  • Elegant pixel art in 16-bit style!
  • Fantastic chiptune composed by Andrea Baroni!
  • Comic-style artwork drawn by Oscar Celestini!
  • Unlock lots of Achievements!

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