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Boom Boom Bovine


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Boom Boom Bovine
Boom Boom Bovine

In Boom Boom Bovine, you save the world as Daisy the cow with her explosive farts!

In this frantic twin stick arcade game, you dodge enemies and their attacks, slow down time to get behind foes, use your powerful moo to push them together, then let one rip! Daisy’s deadly farts will cause any nearby enemy to EXPLODE, and any adversary caught in THAT explosion will also blow up, allowing you to make chain reactions and earn big combo points!

A note from the developers: we’re a small team of people who have only started releasing commercial games! If you have any suggestions, complaints, or other comments, feel free to contact us via email, twitter, or the forums!

Key Fetures:

  • Perfect for a short session, or a longer one if you want a big score!
  • Plenty of replayability, as it’s all about getting more points than the last time!
  • Can resume from every tenth level, making it ideal for pick up and play!
  • Features pixel art pumped with personality!
  • A funky soundtrack from airvoss!
  • Do farts gross you out? You can turn off those sounds!
  • Want easy achievements? We got ’em!
  • Want hard to earn achievements? We got ’em too!
  • Steam Leaderboards! Try to beat your friends or the entire world!
  • Keyboard and controllers supported! A controller is HIGHLY recommend, though!
  • Basically a cross between the classic games Robotron and Missile Command!

Boom Boom Bovine

Boom Boom Bovine


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