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Captain Goose


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Captain Goose
Captain Goose

By sinking his ship, Captain Goose has brought a terrible curse, and now the Abyss itself is trying to get the souls of all those who survived the shipwreck. The surviving sailors, led by the captain, are forced to steal a stranger’s ship and go to the other side of the world to ward off the minions of the Abyss. All living creatures, from small fish to huge sea monsters, will try to send the captain and his crew to a watery grave….

Players need to take control of the guns of the warship and prevent the enemies from making holes on its board. In order to keep the ship afloat, it is necessary to repair it, improve its defense and combat capabilities. Enemies can also have a negative effect on the ship or crew members: the gunpowder gets wet, and the cannons shoot badly, the sailors catch seasickness or the gunner drinks rum for courage and will not aim well….The gold gained must be spent wisely to prepare for any trouble that awaits on the high seas. Once you get to the nearest port, you can buy new types of shells, each of which has unique features. At your disposal are knippels, cannonballs-scissors, poisonous, incendiary, fragmentation bombs and more…

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Captain Goose has a nasty character and, as a stern sailor, is quite a taciturn. But during his journey he will have to communicate with different heroes, not all of whom wish to succeed in his mission. However, the crew believes him and hopes that he will save their souls from the curse of the Abyss. The game has a unique visual style and musical accompaniment inspired by the atmosphere of sea battles and the golden age of piracy! And the touching plot and the confrontation between Captain Goose and the Abyss will not leave anyone indifferent!

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