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City Eye


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City Eye
City Eye

Become the guardian of the city!

Collect information

Keep your eyes on the track

Stay alert, be everywhere!

Key Fetures:

  • Become an operator of the Central Monitoring System, which will try to prevent the effects of every single transgression in the game. Use a city map to track dangerous areas and don’t let the suspects run away from the Police.
  • Find the danger, track criminals, make photos of suspects, and give security all the necessary info to catch them. Focus on yourself – dealing with multiple events simultaneously is harder than you think!
  • Switch between cameras to track identified individuals and help security to catch criminals or prevent violations. Careful observation, quick decision-making, and prediction is the key to success. Identify the danger and notify the relevant services.
  • Operate cameras and have precise insight into every district you feel may be endangered. Use this to your advantage and find the danger before it’s too late!

City Eye

City Eye


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