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Colony : Part I The Moon Castle


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Colony : Part I The Moon Castle
Colony : Part I The Moon Castle


The story of the game takes place in 2222, 200 years from today. Humanity has experienced many technological revolutions in 200 years. The most important of these technological revolutions are; hologram technology, artificial intelligence technology and the analysis of gravity.

Thanks to these developments, humanity has begun to spread into space. They managed to establish colonies on Mars and the Moon. By solving gravity, they built large ships to travel in space.

Robots made great contributions to this spread. Their biggest advantage was that they could function even in difficult environmental conditions. Robots have developed so much over time that they have reached a point very close to humans in terms of abilities and behavior.

On the other hand, humanity was also able to achieve peace within themself. There has been no war in the last hundred years. It was a time when people literally lived in utopia. But this peaceful period ended with a surprise attack on the Moon colony.

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People who were unprepared for this attack suffered great damage. Moreover, it was not known who the attackers were.

Now, in this period when people are in a difficult situation, a robot will fight on behalf of humanity. A robot named Sasa will fight against these mysterious enemies. On the one hand, he will fight the enemies, and on the other hand, he will reveal the mystery of the enemy.

A challenging journey awaits you in this adventure 200 years later…


– The story of the game is divided into 16 chapters.

– The person who purchases the game owns the entire game. Can play all parts.

– Future updates for the game will be free.

– The game is played for single player.

– Character development and appearance changes over time depending on the story.

– In each episode, the player encounters different locations.

Colony : Part I The Moon Castle PC Crack