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Dead Beacon


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Dead Beacon
Dead Beacon

After your sailboat is damaged by a mysterious force, you are cast away on an island dominated by an ominous lighthouse and a labyrinthine manor.

Dead Beacon is a first-person survival horror inspired by late 1990s games and taking place in the Beacon manor, a location crawling with zombies and other creatures governed by a malevolent will. Survive using the given array of weapons and escape the island.

A labyrinthine manor

Explore the Beacon Manor and its surrounding area. Find secret areas, solve puzzles and find keys or important items that will let you unlock different parts of the building.

Manage your resources

Discover weapons, ammunition and healing items and manage them. Try to get as many enemies as you can with a single shotgun shot or align those heads with the hunting rifle to get a triple kill.

Simple interactive map

Reveal the map as you discover new floors. Draw on it, place a pin or write a note so you don’t forget visited places.

Dead Beacon

Dead Beacon


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