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Death Harvest


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Death Harvest
Death Harvest

Game Description

Death Harvest is a cooperative VR indie game in which players assume the role of a group of survivors from the Boston’s combat unit – the Reapers. Fight for the survival of your colony in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies.

Begin The Harvest of Death using many tools of destruction. Think your strategy through and respond to the changing conditions. Remember that your survival is not everything. Lives of many civilians depend on whether you fulfill the given task.

About us

Although we are a small studio of enthusiasts working on the game after work, we have decided that we will deliver a playable and complete version of the product regardless of the sales figures. Additional content will be possible to make and add to the game only with your support. We hope that you will have fun playing Death Harvest. Let us know what you like or dislike on our Discord server.

Key Fetures:

  • ranged combat
  • one scenario – defend against waves of zombies
  • shop mechanics
  • a big variety of realistically recreated fire arms
  • simplified melee weapons
  • basic fortification system in designated locations
  • various weather conditions
  • variable time of the day
  • collecting lootable equipment
  • further development of fighting with the usage of melee weapons
  • basic personalization (armor, individual pieces of equipment)
  • possibility of exploring some of the buildings
  • weapon modification (collimators, flashlights, lasers, optics)
  • hospital scenario (find and extract resources in a limited time)
  • gas station scenario (pump the fuel from storage tanks to the tanker while zombie swarm you!)
  • creation of a community-selected scenario
  • addition of side missions to the scenarios

Death Harvest

Death Harvest


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