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DNA: Episode 4


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DNA: Episode 4
DNA: Episode 4

Enter a Kingdom Bound by Blood…

DNA Episode 4 is a continuation of DNA Episode 3 in the form of a 2D Story-driven Anime, Hack & Slash Beat’em-up where you play as the main character Leo, as he is summoned by Nova Corp to Turja in order to retrieve an alien specimen that Turja has been hiding. Leo must face the Turjan army and their leaders bound by blood; Knightfall, and his brother Royal. Knightfall brother of Royal and advisor to the king of Turja, and Royal brother of Knightfall; Lord Commander of Turja…

Welcome to the Medieval Kingdom Bound by Blood…

Hone your Skills with addicting 2D Combat Gameplay…

Continue an Intriguing Storyline…

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Key Fetures:

  • Enter a medieval kingdom on the verge of civil and external war.
  • Slash through Turja village as you approach castle Turja to confront their leaders to retrieve the alien specimen.
  • Face lethal enemies of the likes you have never seen before…
  • Welcome back to DNA’s epic 2D Beat’em up gameplay with new abilities to acquire!
  • Continue playing a challenging gameplay formula building upon previous Episodes’ rewarding difficulties.
  • Face rigorous new enemies as your traverse through the Kingdom or Turja!
  • Watch as the story develops further into intriguing events in Episode 4 of DNA.
  • Progress through the Turja Kingdom as you fight towards the castle of Turja to defeat their leaders.
  • Flow through the episode with even more action-packed gameplay, and intriguing cinematics.

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