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DNA Season 2 | Episode 4


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DNA Season 2 | Episode 4
DNA Season 2 | Episode 4

Enter the Sadistic and Terrifying Headquarters of Nova Corp…

Continue DNA in Season 2 Episode 4 following the journey of Leo as he finally arrives at Nova Corp to uncover the terrifying events that await.

Confront Genetically Modified Specimens…

Find the True Evil Within Terius…

Discover the Heart of Darkness.

DNA Season 2 | Episode 4 Torrent Download

Key Fetures:

  • Find and confront genetically modified Nova Corp specimens.
  • Play through rewarding challenges fueled by vengeance.
  • Fight and battle against the horrifying Nova Corp specimens…
  • Pick back up this season with DNA’s epic 2D Beat’em up gameplay with new abilities to acquire!
  • Experience a challenging gameplay formula building upon last season’s rewarding difficulties.
  • Discover absolute evil within Terius and how cold blooded his heart truly is.
  • Watch as the story develops further into intriguing events in Season 2: Episode 4 of DNA.
  • Face the true heart of darkness and the cold of his heart.
  • Fight specimens of evil from the most terrible creations of Nova Corp.

DNA Season 2 | Episode 4 PC Crack