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Energy Hunter Boy


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Energy Hunter Boy
Energy Hunter Boy

Energy Hunter Boy is an action/shooter game with procedural levels generation, great storytelling, VOXEL TERRAIN MODELING and resources extraction. The little robot warrior will fight against the mad machines, and the awesome natural worlds of the game will be full of platforms, pitfalls and mechanical elements.


It is the year 2100, and a dangerous criminal has infected through a virus the military computer systems around the world.

This virus was created to sabotage military systems and to launch nuclear warheads to the world’s major cities, then humanity is in danger!

To resolve this crisis, it was created an anti-virus, Energy Hunter Boy, which has the task of identifying and disabling infected groups of memory of various military systems.

The small robot anti-virus will be able to save the world?

Best features

Procedural levels

All levels are procedurally generated, therefore missions and dynamics will always be different and unpredictable.!

Awesome scenarios

Cartoon style graphics with natural elements mixed with mechanical components.

Objects collection and transport

It will be possible to collect the ‘health’ items and put them in the backpack of our hero, and then transport them to the extraction point.

Multiple campaigns

The game is divided into three main campaigns in addition to an endless unlockable campaign.

Each campaign represents a type of system to be deactivated!

Great and full storytelling

The complete story of the game is divided into chapters and fragments, and it will be completely told during the main campaigns!

Energy Hunter Boy

Energy Hunter Boy


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