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永恒幻境 Eternal Dreamland


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永恒幻境 Eternal Dreamland
永恒幻境 Eternal Dreamland

“EternalDreamland” is a third-person beautiful girl shooter development game.

There is only one person in the studio, I am still working hard to improve and optimize, I hope to be more understanding and tolerant, thank you!

Background of the story

The heroine is a 19-year-old high school student in the countryside, and after the end comes, she loses most of it

Memory, but she still remembers Hair Little Ruth, Senior Sister Hannah, and

And take refuge in Ruth’s villa, in order to find his former friends, in a constant cycle with mutated creatures

Fight, rely on zombies to generate electricity, collect supplies, and fulfill their promise: go to the eternal city together!


Fight enemies in close combat, capture zombies, and maintain the power of your shelter with zombie power generation

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Key Fetures:

  • The heroine goes alone to find her former friends and takes them to a shelter
  • The backpack can be opened at any time to change (obtained) clothing
  • Explore freely, collect supplies, build and upgrade shelters, interact with friends and rest in shelters, etc
  • Compatible mobile phones, computers
  • Yoga, Dancing, Going to bed, Bathroom, Restore blood volume, reduce infection value
  • Weapon attachments that can be used after unlocking, liveries
  • Hand-to-hand combat increases the infection value even more
  • Upgrade to increase the infection value and HP limit
  • Random weather, dynamic time

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