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Game Description:

[Fencing] is a unique game. You can’t control the characters to run and jump like other games. Here, you can only use the WASD keyboard or the left rocker of the handle to control the character’s vertical upward, forward, left and right jump attack.

The injury mechanism is the same as the scoring mechanism in real fencing competition. If the sword hits different parts of the body, it will cause different degrees of damage! Head, legs, arms and upper body, the degree of injury decreased in turn.

Based on the physical type of combat, therefore, according to your sword time, sword angle, sword length, to determine the hit character, whether it will fly in a certain direction!

Contains the Ragdoll system, after each hit, it will open the corresponding Ragdoll simulation effect according to your hit to the character’s body bone.

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Game Features:

-Unique character manipulation

-Injury mechanism of fencing

-Physical combat

-Ragdoll simulation

-Various game forms, free fight, local double, AI watch, follow-up will update the online mode!

-At present, there are six available characters, and more will be launched in the future.

About Me:

This independent game, developed by me alone, has many shortcomings at present. I welcome the feedback from players who have purchased the game, and hope to make [fencing] more perfect in the future! In addition, I sincerely welcome the friends who love the game, as well as the old comrades in arms of the independent game camp, to actively communicate with me.

Wechat: IndieGameDream

QQ: 2118431574

QQGroup: 794795548

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