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Fi da Puti Samurai


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Fi da Puti Samurai
Fi da Puti Samurai

What is your happy place?

Maybe it’s a bedroom. A calm place in the open. A bathroom. Or maybe… your personal computer?

To help Liza on her quarantine time, Zanardi developed an interactive experience on a cozy cabin, to relax and put herself into another-dimension-for-the-mind.

Unfortunately, this application contains a very particular bug, where she may travel to Zanardi’s computer. And… while on it, she may find files and things that where hidden… for a good reason.

Incarnate as Liza discovering odd secrets, fighting bunny-suit troops, deceased computer garbage, among other deep digital-creatures from the computer insides.

The gameplay for Fi da Puti Samurai is quite simple.

This is not a cumbersome rpg game, bug an action-oriented roguelite. You don’t need super-human reflexes to win, neither need to read lore if you dont want to. Just kick in, blast, get blasted, and have some fun!

Fi da Puti Samurai

Fi da Puti Samurai


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