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Ready to become Fleximan, the champion of drivers?

In this adrenaline-pumping game, your mission is simple yet audacious: save the citizens from fines and restore justice to the roads of our small Venetian town!

Take on the role of FLEXIMAN, the Italian superhero who, since the beginning of 2024, has destroyed all speed cameras, considered by many to be an injustice on the road.

What awaits you:

Game Features:

Remember that the game was produced in about 55 hours and is only made to make people laugh

Get ready to become the superhero of the roads in Fleximan: Vendetta Velocistica! The city is counting on you to free it from fines and bring back justice! 🚗💥🔨

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Key Fetures:

  • Destroy Speed Cameras: Locate and eliminate speed cameras! Use your flexible hose to smash to pieces those annoying devices that threaten citizens with unfair fines.
  • Remove Speed Bumps: Speed bumps slow down traffic and annoy drivers. Destroy them and make the roads smoother for everyone. Remember, you are the defender of “honest” drivers!
  • Explore the City: Our small Venetian town is full of secrets. Explore every alley, square and street. You might find clues about new speed cameras or discover intriguing stories.
  • Fast Gameplay: Complete the game 100% in under 30 minutes. Perfect for a quick game!
  • Intense Exploration: Discover every corner of the city and find hidden secrets.
  • Updates: New memes and fun challenges will be introduced with future updates.

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