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Gods Wars : infinity Epic


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Gods Wars : infinity Epic
Gods Wars : infinity Epic

Gods Wars : infinity Epic is a pixel ARPG Rouge like game. Through multiple choices, you can obtain epic artifacts, enhance epic equipment, upgrade epic skills, choose your epic pet, and ultimately face the powerful evil gods!

This one by one pixel fantasy style casual game ignites the flames of war in the mainland, and gods of various races descend on the earth. In order to compete for resources, divine power, and survive as much as possible, collect gold coins and soul crystal power from each battle, strengthen yourself, and welcome your friends to the final victory!

Collect more artifacts to enhance your abilities.

Choose a set of equipment that suits you, use the skills you have, and specialize in one item (critical strike, element, physics, summoning, speed, range, projectile).

Challenge the epic boss to obtain the divine shards of the boss.

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Choose the appropriate pet companion, the more races you have, the more bonuses you will receive.


Choose your profession, artifact, and character at the rebirth point.

Complete the NPC task in the first level as soon as possible and unlock the merchants in the Divine Kingdom.

Before starting the level, talk to the blacksmith and create a handy weapon.

Take a stroll around the city to obtain some items and pets.

Supports mouse, keyboard, and controller.

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