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Justice: Fallen Clan


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Justice: Fallen Clan
Justice: Fallen Clan

Play as a ninja in this VR stealth assassination game. Destroy or sneak past security bots in a dystopian Japanese setting. Work your way to disrupting and destroying a criminal syndicate with varying challenges along the way.

Key Features

Have fun hacking and slashing your way through levels, sneaking up on enemies and hiding from you when they spot you. When you feel you are up to it replay the levels and remain untouched, unseen and without leaving a body behind to achieve the ultimate Ninja score.

Key Fetures:

  • Ninja your way through gritty cyberpunk streets and dark dangerous corridors.
  • Outsmart and destroy Securo bots hacked to protect the criminal syndicate.
  • Wield cybernetic swords and unleash super-charged shurikens upon your enemies.
  • Find your favorite strategy and try and get the best score with Steam Leaderboards!
  • Get Justice for your Fallen Clan!

Justice: Fallen Clan

Justice: Fallen Clan


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