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A vertically scrolling shooter where you mow down enemies that stand in your way.

Aim for a high score with items that appear by destroying enemies and bonus items that can be obtained by using bombs.

game description

Destroy an enemy to release a bonus item.

Bonus items can be attracted to your aircraft when you release the shot button,

If you press the shot button while sucking, it will fall again.

Collecting bonus items will raise the item rank and increase the number of bonus items.

Your score will increase, but if you miss it, your rank will drop.

Hitting an enemy with a bomb releases a bonus item for the bomb.

When you fire a bomb, the enemy bullets on the screen will be converted into a bomb bonus item.

If you get hit while you have a bomb, you lose the bomb, but an auto-barrier is activated.

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You can choose from 6 types of aircraft, and the characteristics and behavior of weapons change when moving at low speed.

typeA: Napalm that explodes when it hits an enemy

typeB: Wide shot that can attack in a wide range

typeC: Homing that tracks the enemy

typeD: Fire that attacks to cover the screen

typeE: Blast that emits high power

typeF: A ball that rotates around itself and erases enemy bullets

Changes from the free version

・Correspondence to STEAM ranking by improving the function of the production tool

・Fixed the performance of own machine other than wide shot type

・Abolish left and right free scrolling, widen the screen, and remove the off-screen item radar

・Display the position of falling score items

・Display the position of your aircraft on the mini-map