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Killer Ricky


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Killer Ricky
Killer Ricky

Killer Ricky is a shooter action game in which you play as a man whose family has been murdered by a mafia organization. And he wants revenge.

To achieve this, you have at your disposal an innovative gameplay in which you can independently wield the two arms of your hero to shoot in all directions!

Fully destructible scenery, dynamic management of blood, bullet time and vicious AI offer shootings of unequaled intensity!

.Play with both arms:

.Unprecedented shootout simulation:

.Bullet time and innovative gameplay:

During shootings all the bullets are calculated in real time but only the bullets which are on a trajectory which could touch you are materialized and trigger the bullet time which allows you to try to avoid the bullet.

Dodging a single bullet is of course easy, but be careful to move around the space well and kill your enemies as fast as possible to avoid getting surrounded and riddled with bullets!

Key Fetures:

  • Thanks to a well thought out gameplay you can very naturally shoot in all directions with full control of both your arms!
  • Experience a rich, precise and rewarding simulation! Adapt to situations endlessly renewed! You will progress naturally at the same time as Killer Ricky by mastering a unique aiming system.
  • It’s a great system that allows you to become a true super assassin ignoring all the bullets whistling around you!
  • Blood has benefited from a special treatment, it spurts, it stains, it runs along the walls and spreads on the floor.
  • A bullet hits a bottle? It bursts and pours its liquid. Library ? Books fall among the splinters of wood. The paintings fall, the TVs explode, the windows burst…
  • AI will surprise you, your enemies will hunt you down, bypass you, use the scenery to trap you and even react to the noises you make!

Killer Ricky

Killer Ricky


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