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KnightOut is a party game for 1-4 players!

Play with and against your friends in a frantic battle.

Half the battle is won by building an epic castle with deadly weapons and traps.

Charge into sword duels or keep your distance with long range weapons.


Each game starts with both teams building a castle outfitted with cannons. Then, all hell breaks loose! Cannon balls fly, stone walls crumble, and your knight takes to the turf, slashing his sword. Once you’ve destroyed your opponent’s base and K.O. the king or queen inside, you win the round. You need three K.O.s to win the match. After each round you can rebuild your castle.

2 to 4 player battle – Play against or with your friends in team battle in local multiplayer*

Build a massive castle – Use your creativity to build your own castle

Fight in melee combat – It’s easy to learn yet hard to master

4 different battlegrounds

Raise your arsenal – Build different weapons and defenses with 16 items to choose from.

Original soundtrack by Mike Raznick (Rachet & Clank PS4, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyess – New “N” Tasty)

A stylized vibrant art style

Tons of flashy unlocks

* You can play with your friends online via Steam’s “Remote Play Together”

Note from the developers:

KnightOut has been in development for some time, and we have put a lot of sweat and love into the game. We are happy to release it on Steam and hope you will enjoy playing it. It’s been a process with a lot of feedback from the players, and we hope you will continue to help us shape and improve the game.

Defend your castle against waves of enemies singleplayer or in co-op with your best friends. Compare how you are doing with the rest of the world on our glorious leaderboards. The enemies will drop gold as you defeat them. Gold can be used to upgrade your castle after each wave of attacks.




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