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Lattice Dancer


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Lattice Dancer
Lattice Dancer

Basically, avoid lasers by moving and use jumps and special moves only when they are really dangerous.

The camera is intentionally fixed in its movement.

Special moves have an invincibility time of 0.5 seconds.

Get lost in the rhythm and feel the beat as you become fully immersed in the action. Don’t be fooled by its compact design – this game is sure to leave you wanting more!

To begin, the player must choose one of the two dancers available. The objective of the game is to avoid the lattice lasers. The dance ends when you touch the laser three times. The controls are straightforward and consist of three actions: “Move,” “Jump,” and “Special”.

The dancers dance on their own, so the player only needs to focus on using the controls to dodge the lasers. The “Special” move makes it easier to avoid the lasers by lowering the dancer’s posture and providing a brief period of invincibility. However, after this period, the dancer becomes vulnerable again, and if hit during this time, it counts as two hits, making it a high-risk move.

At the end of each playthrough, the player is awarded a score and one of eleven levels of titles based on their performance. Taking risks, such as staying in the lattice or upstage, increases the score, but it’s important to enjoy dodging the lasers rather than maximizing points.

The game tests spatial awareness and concentration, so why not try improving these skills? Even if you don’t understand the language, you only need to know “play” and “restart” to get started.

Lattice Dancer

Lattice Dancer