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Moderium is a Wave-Based Isometric Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) where players are given vast customization over their combat capabilities through the unique Modification system. Players will enter various realms and fight back waves of enemies of varying power to gain experience and equipment to further their abilities. The difficulty encountered is at the hands of the player through manually setting the initial level of enemies to fight which allows for more casual or edge-of-seat gameplay. With 10 Classes, 4 Skill Trees, 52 Skills and 59 Sets available at launch the path of which you choose to defeat your enemies is up to you.

Moderium focuses around the concept of customization while retaining accessibility without removing depth of gameplay.

Feature Summary

– Customizable skills to play as you choose.

– Randomly generated equipment with the opportunity to target crafting specific pieces.

– New Secondary Stats to offer meaningful equipment management and build diversity.

– Class variety with gameplay impact.

– Roguelike and Incremental elements to allow rewards for time commitment while furthering character development beyond max level.

Features Detailed


Each skill is composed of the Base Skill, 5 Modifiers and 2 Stages. This allows for a diverse approach to combat. Leveling grants a skill point, which can be used to unlock and modify the effect of a skill. As 5 points are allocated into a skill the Second Stage is unlocked, adding a passive benefit to the skill, after 10 points the skill’s Third Stage is unlocked. One player may use Fireball to light enemies on fire, dealing damage over time; while another may use Fireball to regenerate mana on impact. Of course a third individual may choose to go all out with a Fireball that pierces enemies, regenerating mana, lighting enemies on fire and creating more Fireballs (called Fractures) on impact.




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