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Monkey Splash!!


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Monkey Splash!!
Monkey Splash!!

Eat, Shoot, Dive, Repeat

Monkey Splash!! is an arcade, action platformer featuring monkeys, diving, and historical landmarks from around the world! Fire your Juice Beam to propel your funky monkey up these colossal structures to get the best height for the ultimate dive. Be careful, as rival divers, a fitness-obsessed rabbit and an anarchist duck will aim to put an end to your odyssey of aqua aerobics! Only the cheekiest will make it to the top…

Shoot to Ascend: Simple One-Click Control

Water Pollution: Deadly Diver enemies block your path, it will be a perilous climb.

1 of your 5-a-Day: A variety of Fruity Power Ups will add flavour to your journey.

Summer Soundtrack: A different sun soaked club beat for every world landmark.

Simian Surprise: A zany cast of Monkeys will put a smile on your face!

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Key Fetures:

  • World Trivia: Learn a few facts from top-traveller Ned the Easter Island Head

Monkey Splash!! PC Crack