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Moolii’s Dreamland 哞哩的长梦


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Moolii’s Dreamland 哞哩的长梦
Moolii’s Dreamland 哞哩的长梦

Moolii’s Dreamland is a flight shooting game of landscape mode. The player would act as the little fox spirit Moolii to destroy the enemy in dream!

All players can upgrade various weapons and skills which have been applied, as well as burst into angers to bring them into “Super State”! You have no enemies! In addition, you can also summon ferrets to help you deal with formidable enemies~ And by breaking through various obstacles, you would eventually escape from this nightmare! In this period, various opponents would challenge you!

Firstly, you must defeat them. Otherwise, they would make troubles when you break through various checkpoints~

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At night, it should be the time for children to sleep. However, moolii is still fascinated by the horror movies on TV, until her mom urged her to go to bed, then moolii had to go to bed reluctantly with anger.

In the middle of the night, kitten wanted to sleep with moolii and jumped to the belly of moolii who was asleep! Moolii, who was deeply pressed, started her nightmare journey with sweat on his face! What kind of monsters will the children who are cute at normal times become in their dreams?

Game features:

The game is an independent individual game with the classic “horizontal version flight shooting mode”

I miss playing Salamander and other classic games on FC when I was a child. Although my ability and experience are limited, but it is my dream to create the game that I like.

2D Hand Drawing Style

The lovely style is 2D hand drawing that resembles the illustration for children—after all, moolii in the game is only 3 years old~

Many ammunition types for choosing

There are totally 15 options of ammunition types therein. And each of them would become stronger in “Super State”~

Moolii’s Dreamland 哞哩的长梦

Moolii’s Dreamland 哞哩的长梦


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